Digital X-Rays

Fast, Accurate Veterinary Diagnosis

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Condition with Digital X-Rays in Scarborough

At Markham Road Animal Hospital, we use digital x-rays (or radiology) to diagnose a variety of conditions pertaining to your pet’s bones, joints, internal organs, respiratory tract, and more. Digital x-rays allow us to take a black-and-white digital image of your pet’s bones (which appear light gray or white in the images) and their organs (which appear dark gray in the images).

Because they’re developed almost immediately after they’re taken, digital x-rays allow for faster, more accurate diagnosis so we can get to the root of the problem and develop a solution quicker. Being able to actually see the images also allows you to better visualize and understand the problem so you can make a better-informed decision regarding your pet’s care and treatment plan.

X-Rays Taken While Awake or Sedated

Your pet can undergo digital x-rays while either awake or sedated. To learn more about our digital x-rays in Scarborough, please contact Markham Road Animal Hospital today.